Every Shinagawa Demon Statue Location In SMT V

Shinagawa is the second major area in Shin Megami Tensei 5 and it has quite the difficulty jump compared to Minato. This is mostly due to a much larger, and more complex map that makes getting around Shinagawa challenging.

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That being said, exploring is definitely something you should do as there are plenty of goodies to find if you go looking for them. Demon Statues in particular are worth tracking down and can give you that extra bump in power needed to take down the harder bosses in the area.

Where To Find Every Demon Statue In Shinagawa

There are a total of FIVE Petrified Demon Statues in Shinagawa: Hecatoncheires, Andras, Berith, Tsuchigumo, and Nue. Unlike Minato, many of the Demon Statues in Shinagawa are somewhat tricky to find.

Where To Find Petrified Hecatoncheires

Hecatoncheires (Heck-ah-toon-chair-es…apparently) is found tucked away in a storage container yard to the northeast of the Shinagawa Pier Leyline. This demon statue is the first you will encounter in Shinagawa and is pretty well hidden, all things considered.

Where To Find Petrified Andras

Andras is pretty easy to find. Teleport to the Konan third Leyline and head south. You will eventually hit a dead end. Your reward for trundling through the Konan fourth Block is Petrified Andras.

Where To Find Petrified Berith

Petrified Berith is one of the easiest Demon Statues to find, simply because he is almost on the beaten track. If you missed it, then teleport to the Mitatebashi Leyline and head northwest. You will quickly spot Berith and land a free level up.

Where To Find Petrified Tsuchigumo

Petrified Tsuchigumo is fairly awkward as it resides atop a cliff in South Shinagawa - just past the Fairy Village. You will need to run further south than you’d think, climb up an incline, swing back around, and then hop down to land this Statue.

Where To Find Petrified Nue

Nue, like Berith, is pretty easy to find simply by virtue of being pretty close to the main route. If you take a left on your way to South Shinagawa after leaving the Fairy Village, you will come to some platforming boxes. Keep scaling them (they veer off to the right) and dodge all the Baphomets. Once you make it to the top, Nue is waiting for you.

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