Red Dead Online Complete Guide And Walkthrough

Red Dead Online is a living, breathing, ever-changing world. As with any live-service title, it can feel daunting to start well after everyone else has, and it can be hard to come back to after a break. That's why we've created this one-stop shop for all your Red Dead Online needs. This guide hub will serve as the, well, hub, for all of TheGamer's numerous guides on Rockstars wild west open-world RPG.

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Want to know how to maximise your health? We've got a guide for that. Need to know how to make money, fast? Look no further. Need an up-to-date list of all the daily challenges as well as Madam Nazar's location? We've got that for you too, just below. This is your guide to the frontier, we hope it helps you avoid being eaten by a bear or killed by murderous outlaws.

Today's Red Dead Online Daily Challenges

There are seven general daily challenges to do in Red Dead Redemption 2 online, as well as three challenges for each of the five different roles, making for a grand total of 22 challenges. Every morning, we'll update this list with all of the Red Dead Online daily challenges you can complete, and if we have a guide for one, we'll provide a handy link to it, too.


Bounty Hunter





Where Is Madam Nazar Today?

Madam Nazar is an important NPC, but she likes to wander. Her wanderlust is so strong that she packs up camo and moves to a new location every single day. It can be hard to keep up, so every day, we'll show you where to find her.

Today, Madam Nazar is just south of Twin Rocks, Cholla Springs. Look out for cougars and snakes here.

Getting Started In Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online takes place before the events of Red Dead Redemption 2's single-player campaign, making RDO a prequel to a prequel. This means that the world isn't quite the same as the one you play in during the story.

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Red Dead Online isn't free-to-play, you either have to have Red Dead Redemption 2 or buy RDO separately. Like many live-service games, RDO features both a standard and premium in-game currency. Gold is bought with real cash, but can also be earned fairly easily in-game.

Red Dead Online Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a quick look through some of the most frequently asked questions about Red Dead Online. Remember, there's no such thing as a stupid question, everyone needs to start somewhere.

What Platforms Is Red Dead Online Available On?

Red Dead Online is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. It doesn't currently have any next-gen upgrades, but it can be played on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

What Are The Minimum System And Memory Requirements For Red Dead Online?

Steam recommends players looking to play Red Dead Online have minimum system specs of:

Do I Need PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold To Play Red Dead Online?

In short: Yes. Unfortunately, unlike Fortnite, you will need to pay for your console's online service to be able to enjoy Red Dead Online. There are no extra costs for playing it on PC, however.

Does Red Dead Online Have Crossplay, Cross Saves, Or Cross Progression?

Also in short: No. If you want to posse up, you'll have to play with people on the same system. If you want to play with multiple friends across various types of hardware, you'll have a tough time with it, as you'll have to level up and progress each character separately.

Can I Have Multiple Characters In Red Dead Online?

Unfortunately, if you want another character to play around with, you'll have to permanently retire your current outlaw. You're only allowed one bandit at a time, no takebacks or swapsies.

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Fortunately, your ill-gotten money and gold will carry over to your new character once you're through the tutorial, but all your progress and roles will be reset.

Red Dead Online Beginner Guides

If you're fresh out of the city and looking to start a new life in the fabulous frontier, then these guides will be essential for ensuring you don't make any costly early-game mistakes.

Red Dead Online Advanced Guides

If you know the difference between a stirrup and a cinch, these are the guides for you. The basics are important, but these are the guides that will help you get an edge over the competition. Perfect for those of you who've been playing for a while.

Red Dead Online Role Guides

There's a whole lot to do in the wild west, from hunting animals to people, and collecting valuables or trading furs.

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These guides all focus on Red Dead Online's five roles.

Red Dead Online Stats, Ability Cards, And Equipment Guides

If you want to become the baddest outlaw in the west, or you just want to learn how to become a hardy trader that can survive the harsh frontier, then these are the guides for you. They specialise in how to best make your character as strong and deadly as possible.

Red Dead Online Showdown And Freeroam Events Guides

If you're sick of moseying about, you can always jump into a showdown and blast some people, or take part in a freeroam event and race to beat everyone else in your sever.

Red Dead Online Miscellaneous Guides

Sometimes, you just need to know something weird. Something that you can't quite categorise. Not to worry, we've got all your oddities and strange questions covered right here. From Red Dead Online technical issues to how to break down certain animals, this is where things get weird.

Red Dead Online Animal, Plant, And NPC Guides

Red Dead Online contains a lot of flora and fauna - plants and animals - so it makes sense to have everything catalogued here.

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If you need to find something that's technically alive, here's where you'll find it.

Where To Find Every Animal And Fish In Red Dead Online

Where To Find Every Legendary Animal In Red Dead Online

Where To Find Every Plant In Red Dead Online

Where To Find Every NPC In Red Dead Online

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