Malikah's Well Dungeon Guide And Walkthrough

Malikah's Well is a level 77 dungeon in Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers. After learning of the existence of a Lightwarden in the abandoned ruins of Malikah's Well, you and your allies will need to brave the depths of these mines and bring the night back to Amh Araeng.

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As you near the end of the Shadowbringers patch 5.0 dungeons, you would expect an increase in difficulty from the dungeon's inhabitants. However, Malikah's well is rather straightforward when compared to the dungeons immediately before and after it. Regardless, let's take a look at each boss you'll fight in this dungeon, their attacks and mechanics, and how to beat them.

How To Unlock Malikah's Well

Malikah's Well unlocks through the following Main Scenario Quest.

Dungeon Walkthrough

As usual, you will have the option of entering Malikah's Well with Trust allies. While significantly slower than real humans, Trusts will teach you the mechanics of the dungeon far better than most Mentors. We recommend using Trust allies on your first run through the dungeon to help get a better grasp on the mechanics inside.

Later in the dungeon, you will encounter Forgiven Indecency trash monsters. These enemies will appear in a broken-down state, but will slowly start to activate. Focus on one of these enemies at a time to destroy them before they activate.

Greater Armadillo

The first boss of Malikah's Well is the Greater Armadillo. As its name suggests, this armadillo is pretty big. Listed below are each of this boss's attacks and mechanics.

The Greater Armadillo will repeat these attacks until it is defeated. Watch out for the falling rock AoEs that occur after each attack and you'll be able to make it through the first boss fight of Malikah's Well.

Amphibious Talos

The second boss of this dungeon is the Amphibious Talos. When a sentient rock puts water buckets on its hands and head, you know you're in trouble. Each of the Amphibious Talos's attacks and mechanics are detailed below.

The Amphibious Talos will repeat these attacks until it is defeated. The main mechanic to watch out for is Wellbore; don't forget to position yourself correctly during this attack.


The final boss of Malikah's Well is Storge. Prepare to dodge a number of AoEs as you fight the Lightwarden of this dungeon. Each of Storge's attacks are listed below.

Storge will repeat these attacks until it is defeated. When Storge uses Censure with Breaking Wheel, multiple AoEs will appear at the same time. Watch the order they appear in to make sure you move inside the correct safe spot.

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