The Biggest Gaming News For January 13, 2022

The news never stops coming and today is no exception. Today's stories include the reveal of Hitman 3's second year of content, a new gameplay trailer for Pokemon Legends: Arceus full to the brim with extra details, and the news that Microsoft discontinued the Xbox One back in 2020 and just didn't tell anyone. Read on to find out more.

Hitman Trilogy Brings All Three Games In One Package Next Week

IO Interactive has shared all of the exciting new stuff coming to Hitman 3 in its second year. This includes a new mode called Elusive Target Arcade which has players assassinate multiple targets in a level in one run with zero retries as well as VR support on PC. Additionally, IO announced a Hitman Trilogy bundle which includes all three games in one convenient package for new players and will be free to play for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus Has A New 13 Minute Gameplay Video

Nintendo shadow-dropped a new gameplay trailer for Pokemon Legends: Arceus today, featuring a bunch of new information about the game. We got a closer look at how catching Pokemon works as well as what players need to do to complete their Pokedex. Also included in the trailer are the different methods of traversal you'll use to explore Sinnoh, including riding Braviary to glide through the skies and riding Basculegion to swim up rivers.

As Sony Continues To Make PS4s, The Xbox One Was Quietly Discontinued In 2020

Microsoft has confirmed that it quietly discontinued Xbox One consoles all the way back in 2020 in order to focus on the production of the Xbox Series X/S. According to the senior director of Xbox console product marketing Cindy Walker, the Xbox One X and all-digital Xbox One S had been phased out before the launch of the Series X with the original Xbox One S following quickly after. This is in stark contrast to Sony, which recently confirmed it would be producing 1 million more PS4s in an attempt to ease pressure on PS5 shortages.

PS Now Gift Cards Reportedly Pulled From UK Retailers, New Streaming Service Could Be On The Way

A couple of bits of interesting PlayStation news to round things out now, and a new streaming service to replace PlayStation Now could be announced soon as Sony has reportedly pulled gift cards from UK retailers. It's been rumored that Sony is working on a subscription-based service codenamed "Spartacus" to rival Xbox Game Pass, and today's news possibly hints at an announcement coming soon.

PS5 And PS4 May Be Getting Backwards Compatibility, Patent Suggests

Finally, we have the discovery of a new patent filed by Mark Cerny, a longtime video game developer who usually collaborates with Sony. The patent suggests a method that would allow more powerful PlayStations to play older games without the sync issues caused by the higher speeds of more high-tech consoles, essentially allowing all PlayStations to become backward compatible. There's no suggestion that this is coming as it is just a patent, but if it were to manifest in any way, it would be huge news for PlayStation fans.

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Twitch Bans Pokimane For Streaming Avatar: The Last Airbender

The first big-name Twitch ban of the year is here!

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